The 4th Shio-sai art fair at Mitarai

Thank you for your coming!
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Contents List

※LivePainting is Canceled

Let's paint on the big canvas!

Live Painting for all Everybody paint on Big-canvas


Sketch for Kids artists

This is a content for Kids
Let's make a memory in Mitarai through sketches!

Mitarai Antiques market

Display and Sell Mitarai's antiques,Kintsugi plates,European antiques,etc.
Exhibition of some artists
Sell Vegan meat burger with natural farming soybeans

OrideChise/Exhibition Shimau. ~Odor of the island~

Shimau. that Oride Chise's Atelier shop
is running in Toyo-shima,next to Osaki-shimojima
Open up in Mitarai
Display pictures and sell items like accessories,ceramics.

Duo Exhibition Kazumi Kawate and Usakomachi

This is a Duo Exhibition of pointillist Kazumi Kawate and Japanese painting illustrator Usakomachi.
Art goods and postcards will be sold at the Kitagawa family barn!

Kazumi KAWATE "Pointillism Old Leica Camera"

Kazumi KAWATE "Pointillism Firewood grill」

Usakomachi 「Postal Train」

Usakomachi 「Teaparty」


Exhibition of the artist "TUYOKU+YOWAKU+IKITEIKUWA"

2020 Exhibition"Women"

Kure Papier mache Masahachi-kobo

"Papier-mache sailor" and "souvenir mitarai"
we sell small papier mache souvenirs.

Exhibition Guyichiro YONEYAMA's photo&video

Exhibition of photogragh -changing seasons- and video works of -landscape in setouchi-

Exhibition Masayuki TAHARA

Sachio TANAKA Exhibition 「Tobishima Landscape」

Landscape of Tobishima KaidoThe,sparkling sea of ​​Setouchi and Mitarai.
Watercolor and oil paintings will be exhibited
and sold at the Mitarai Gallery.


From Hiroshima,Kure by car
Hiroshima-Kure Road Kure-IC → Akinada Bridge → Osaki shimojima Mitarai
※Get the return ticket of Akinada Bridge!
Exchange return tickets with a receipt and a receipt of at least 1000 yen.
Ask at stores for more info
From Hiroshima by bus
Tobishima-Liner at Hiroshima Bus Center → Port Mitarai

About Us

Shiosai is an art fair in Mitarai since 2017.
We will link the historical landscape and the art of artists in Kure , Hiroshima.

We hope that you feel the harmony between the beautiful town and the art.

Shiosai executive committee
Contact information Cell : 090-1357-2315
Organizer/Curator : Committee for Shio-sai art fair message